What are we looking for?

You want to join us, nice, fill in the form here and we get back to you.

What are we looking for?

Postby Oldone » Sun Aug 03, 2014 4:08 pm

Hello and welcome to the recruitment section.

From time to time, Bloodlines opens recruitment for various classes and specs to build further on our successful 10 Man raid team. We are looking for skilled and mature players (20y+), who know their class and role thoroughly. People who are willing to help, learn and know the value of team play are always more than welcome. We expect raiders to have an authenticator.

Our recent raiding progress includes all normal clears and most heroics.
We raid 2 days a week (Wednesday and Sunday) from 20h30 - 23h00 server time.

If you have more questions wisp one of our officers: Misschaos, Wolmgph, Peyotist, Morthibus, Darkened, Monkdamon.

Currently recruitment is open for all classes as detailed below:

Death Knight - open
Druid - open
Mage - open
Paladin - open
Priest - open
Rogue - Open
Shaman - open
Warlock - open
Warrior - open
Monk - Open
hunter - open

If you are interested and want to become part of our great progressive raid team, then don't hesitate to fill in an application form and we will come back to you.
Social spots are available aswel. However, our guild is STRICTLY 20 yrs +.
Exceptional applications for raid spots may be considered even if we currently have no open spots for them.
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